Words cannot express how amazing and professional Steve and his staff were during the most difficult time in my life. When I sat down with him for the first time he explained everything and spent so much time with me answering any and all questions. He acknowledged how difficult this was for me and that he would help walk me through the process. Being in the type of marriage I was in, it was hard to remember that I wasn't "in trouble" and Jill and Steve were always there to remind me that I was in good hands. I always felt relieved when I sat down with them. They are both so knowledgeable and make sure you understand everything! Thank you to both of them for being my beacon in a very dark time. I would recommend them to anyone!!!

Amy Bichsel

If you are looking for an honest attorney, who will represent you in a way that will be above the nature of the dispute. Steve Anderson is your lawyer by far one of the best and most respected Attorneys I have ever met. He puts himself into his office his morals, his insight, and his dignity.. he does not leave one feeling disappointed

William powers

Mr. Anderson and his staff were wonderful to work with! I was very nervous going in for a divorce due to the lack of knowledge and uncertainty. Mr. Anderson and his paralegal Jill made sure all questions were answered and supported me the entire process. I never had any issues with communication and I also received timely responses when I had questions. Mr. Anderson offers very reasonable pricing and is fair with billing. I highly recommend Steve Anderson!


I was involved in a horrid situation which was perplexingly complicated. I was in a short-term marriage (3-1/2yrs), with a prenuptial agreement and no kids. I was looking to save money, seeing that my divorce should have been simple. I initially attempted to go it alone without a lawyer, (Pro Se). It was a mistake because my now ex-wife was on a mission then to ruin me. After my first couple of procedural mis-steps, I was advised by the divorce referee to hire an attorney. Still trying to save money I sought a "cheap" attorney, friend of a friend kind of thing. That attorney cost me even more money and heartache. She was a poor communicator, irresponsible, and caused me to slide down the slippery slope of contempt hearings due to the combination of her proclivities and opposite counsel's malicious, covert and underhanded tactics. I finally realized, just like when I pilot large jets, there are no shortcuts to success. After some research I found Attorney Steve Anderson. He was placed in the middle of a very tangled web. I was facing the potential of jail time due to no fault of my own. I have never been arrested, I pay my bills and am a responsible citizen. Trust me when I say that things can go south before you realize it if you don't have proper representation. Steve immediately came to my rescue. I was starting to exhaust my financial resources and was losing time at work. As is mentioned he has a calming way about him. You know you are in good hands. He cleaned up my mess. He turned me from being constantly on the defense and put me on the offense. The other attorney quickly decided to no longer represent my ex-wife since she could no longer use the court system to extort money from me. My ex lied about even signing a prenup. Steve found the notary and he testified at trial on my behalf. It was a slam dunk. I am now in a very good place since it is all over. I am in his debt, metaphorically speaking forever. I highly recommend Attorney Steve Anderson for anyone in need of a counselor.


I hired Mr. Anderson to handle my divorce (with children) recently. During my initial consultation, I was immediately struck by his calm and kind demeanor which instilled in me a sense that everything was going to be all right. He has proven to be a man of integrity with extensive experience and a high level of professionalism. He has always kept my budget in mind and has attempted to keep costs down whereever possible while still striving for quick resolution (which was difficult in our case due to no fault of our own!) He and his paralegal have always been quick to respond with updates and answers to my questions/concerns. They have been great to work with and I would recommend him highly!


Would recommend to anyone!!

I do not know what I would have done without he and his team! Steve sat down with me as many times as I needed to explain everything! He responded well to calls and emails and I always felt respected! He listened to me and understood that my son was the most important to me during my divorce. He made sure that my needs were voiced and taken care of! I would recommend him to anyone going through a hard time. He is a calm and supportive lawyer. His paralegal, Jill, is also so amazing!!!


Great Hire!!

Mr Anderson and his office were very professional and thorough. He raised questions that I didn't even think about asking. I would use him again with no hesitation.


A Wonderful Attorney Who Helped Me Though a Difficult Divorce

When I discovered my husband had filed for divorce, I was confused and frustrated. I did some research and had one meeting with another attorney before I met with J. Steven Anderson. Steven and Jill helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life, and I will be forever grateful to them. What Steven said in our first meeting did not differ fundamentally from the other attorney. However, I felt more comfortable with his firm. His years of experience and professional yet solicitous manner put me at ease and helped me to understand things more clearly. Steven explained what I could expect moving forward in the divorce process. He painted a very realistic picture for me. Whether meeting in his office or the courtroom, Steven was always on time, well prepared, and ready to proceed to represent my interest well. In court, he was efficient and effective. Jill, in addition to being excellent at her job, helped me with some of the emotional issues I faced. It was always nice to have someone willing to listen and offer encouragement during such a trying time. I highly recommend both of them.

Shirley Harris

Outstanding Domestic Attorney

Having worked in the same firm with Mr. Anderson for many years, when I needed a divorce attorney, there was no question in my mind who I wanted. I had seen first hand what remarkable work ethic he possessed and how he worked diligently to provide the best possible outcome for his clients. My divorce was 'easy', in legal terms of the matter, but my case was 'time sensitive'. Steve and Jill (his remarkably qualified paralegal) did not fail me. They jumped on the case with a vengeance, resolving all matters involving personal and real properties, including preparation of deeds and the recording of same, in the time frame needed. I'm sure I could not be more pleased with any other legal team in the area; and I'm sure you wouldn't be either.


Excellent Attorney - No Complaints!

Steve was excellent from the very beginning. He is extremely personable and takes the time to listen and understand what YOUR needs are, not his. He is very thorough and will represent you in the best way possible. He is extremely fair and honest and took the time to explain anything and everything, over the phone, in person, or over email. My divorce was horrible but Steve did everything he could for me, financially and in my best interest. The judge ruled in my favor because Steve and I worked together as a great team in gathering data and presenting it in the best way possible. Although my divorce has been final for over 6 months, Steve continues to help me with some of the struggles post-divorce and keeping your ex-spouse compliant with the divorce decree. I HIGHLY recommend Steve. An additional perk, he has a wonderful paralegal, Jill! She can help in so many ways as well!!


Highly Recommended

I have hired Mr. Anderson twice to help me resolve child support issues. He is very knowledgeable and always kept me informed. In the courtroom, he is very calm and professional which, in my opinion, is the kind of attorney that judges prefer to hear cases from. I hope to not need an attorney again in the future, but if I do I would definitely hire Mr. Anderson again.